Supplier Code of Conduct


The authority’s purpose and values shape everything we do. We work hard to be inclusive and creative and to be a place of work where trust is key in an open and positive environment. We are authentic and care to deliver the best for our customers. This code sets out our commitment to ensuring that our suppliers work with us to apply the same values and standards across all supply chains. Together, we must believe in them, put them into practice and be ethical in everything we do. 

Shared integrity

We take issues such as equality, human rights, labour standards, environmental management, and bribery and corruption incredibly seriously. Keeping our communities safe from harm is at the very heart of our organisation and this extends to everyone that comes into contact with us. We want to be clear and straightforward regarding our expectations about staying true to our values prior to entering into any supply agreement and throughout our contractual relationships.

Who does this apply to?

This code applies to any third party providing goods or services to the authority. It’s really important to us that our suppliers work in the same way. This code will help our suppliers get to know how important ethics are to our authority and how closely we follow them when choosing or working with suppliers. It will ensure that we are all on the same page and, working together, we all achieve best practice, and meet important laws and guidelines. We need our suppliers to maintain and uphold these standards throughout their supply chains.

Embracing difference

Equality, diversity, inclusion and fairness are values that shape us an organisation, they mean more to us than just words. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive place to work. A place that is free from discrimination and ensures that everyone feels valued, providing products for our people that are designed with diversity in mind. Together, we need to ensure that we meet the requirements of equality legislation, not just because we have to, but because we want to. We rely on our suppliers to make sure every workplace is totally free from harassment, bullying or any kind of offensive behaviour.

We expect our suppliers to join us in creating an inclusive environment that encourages diversity that flows throughout all supply chains. We want our suppliers to ensure that at every part of your business, including supply chain management and procurement is looked at, and, if you haven’t already, implement your own equality and diversity training to create a culture of learning and opportunities to explore being better.

People matter

Our suppliers must be just as committed as we are to protect and respect human rights and essential labour standards. Our Modern Slavery Policy and annual statement makes this clear. Everyone deserves and has the legal right to work in safe and healthy working environments. On our sites, all suppliers must follow our Health and Safety Policy. 

Everyone that works for our suppliers and their supply chains must have complete personal freedom and freedom of movement, must have access to sound grievance procedures that everyone can use without fear of prejudice or retaliation and work to contracts that meet all minimum wage and Working Time Regulations, including for overtime. The authority has a right to audit our suppliers and supply chains if we spot any signs of forced, compulsory, bonded, indentured or prison labour. We need you to tell us straight away if you find evidence of modern slavery in your supply chain to ensure that we can take the most appropriate and immediate action.

Environmental impact: reducing our collective footprint

The authority has made a pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030. We owe it to our communities and our planet to keep our environmental impact minimal. We want our suppliers and supply chains to tread softly with us and make a positive difference wherever possible. At the very basic level, we expect you to meet the terms of relevant laws, regulations and standards. Beyond that, like us, we’d like to see how you are measuring the impact you are having on the environment, giving yourselves targets for improvements in areas such as pollution, lower emissions, cleaner technology, increased recycling and approaches to saving water and energy.

Protecting data

The authority is in no doubt that our suppliers take data just as seriously as we do and in doing so, we all need to comply with the same legislation and regulations on data protection, privacy and personal information. This includes the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. At a minimum we expect suppliers to have in place appropriate protections for any personal data we flow to them as part of our engagement with them. We also expect a suitable privacy policy to be in place, and arrangements to identify and notify us immediately of any potential or suspected data breaches. All our supply agreements include details regarding obligations in relation to data. If you spot anything suspicious or unusual, we rely on you to get in touch as soon as you are aware of the issue.

Compliance with this code

The authority believes that a collaborative approach to relationships with our suppliers is key to successfully working towards a shared purpose and values. It is therefore important that the detail of this code is read and understood to ensure absolute compliance.

This code will need to be updated from time to time to reflect changes in law, regulations or standards, but also because the authority never sits still, particularly when it comes to providing the best service and equal treatment to all those that come into contact with us.

Have a question about the code or need to raise an issue highlighted in the code? Our Commercial and Procurement Team will be happy to help via email at